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Area 51 has served the local community by playing most of the popular local nightclubs over the years, and has outlasted almost all of them!

Over the years Area 51 has developed a strong email list of fans and can effectively help promote themselves at the right venue.

Area 51 has been a favorite at SOhO Restaurant & Music Club since 1996. SOhO makes it’s money on dinners as well as selling drinks and charging an admission fee and as such rely heavily on the entertainment to reliably draw a crowd. Over the years we have worked with SOhO’s management at to develop a broad clientele with a multi-generational appeal. We have consistently been the most popular local band in their line up during our long successful relationship with them.

Feel free to call Gail or Bob, SOhO’s Owners, for a reference, 805-962-7776.

SOhO is among Santa Barbara’s most popular clubs and Area 51 is one of our most consistently popular bands. The band exudes FUN.

— Kim Stanley
Manager, SOhO Restaurant and Music Club

My partner and I were fortunate enough to see you play in a club in downtown SB whilst visiting friends… it was one of the best evenings of live dance music we've ever been too. It was really memorable. If we ever win our national lottery we'd fly you guys over to play a gig for our friends at a nearby dance hall, the Rivoli Ballroom, but unfortunately that hasn't happened yet, so we wondered if you had any plans to come over to London? You'd go down a storm!

— Tim Walby & Jojo Mullen, London